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James For Admin/Mod

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1 James For Admin/Mod on Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:08 am


Nooblet Poster
Nooblet Poster
Well hello branscape i am new but i am good for admin/mod

This is my apply =]

Have you ever been mod/admin befor.. Yes

Have you ever played a private server befor Ye :L

Have you ever been a spamer or a bug abuser No

Have you ever codded a server or helped coding?...No i havent but i have been co owner but i got the players while my mate codes

why do you want to become a admin ? I would like to become admin because i think i can help people. i have played lots of rsps for like 5 years now.

Are you qualified to become a admin ? I believe i am qualified to become admin

What qualifies you to become a admin ?
I think i qualifiy because i help players and i can allso get people. i can put up with people calling me names to a extent and i have expierence with all kinds of servers such as pwnscape,deathbydna,2speced,boxrune,bioscape,ritzscape.

-Do you have previous experience at any other games/forums as a admin? i do have any previous expierience. If so do you have proof? Yes

-What do you have to offer Branscape . I can offer branscape my help in geting players and helping new players

-Can you follow very specific directions? Yes i can follow directions easily.

Can you take criticism well and improve upon yourself when it is offered, or do you get upset when you are criticized? I can take criticism very good and mute based off of what i am criticized of.or on

-How long have you been playing branscape for 3 days , and how much each day? Well now that i know the game sick i will play 4/6 hrs per day

-Your branscape username james

-Any other relevant information that you believe will add to your application. nope

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